The greater reality is that vast percentage of life that cannot be perceived by your senses, but is nonetheless very real. It is a scientific fact that your five senses, as amazing as they are, detect much less than 1% of reality. What is visible to the human eye is just a small fraction of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. 

For example,

  • you can’t see ultraviolet or infra-red light even though instruments can measure them. 
  • your ears only detect a small portion of the sound waves all around you. 
  • dogs can hear sounds such as a dog whistle that human ears cannot detect. 


Reality is defined as the state of things as they actually exist. Because so much of reality escapes the senses, you likely have viewed life as though through a tiny pinhole – and then wondered why things don't make sense.

As the old saying goes, “There is much more to life than meets the eye.” Most people readily agree with this statement, but don’t realize its numerous and wonderful implications.

Many of your current beliefs about what happens after bodily death may be based on religious teachings and you accept them on faith. If so, we respect your beliefs. We also acknowledge those teachings, especially the ones containing common threads with other great wisdom sources.

However, our perspectives are based on contemporary knowledge and understandings from scientific, clinical and empirical (based on firsthand experience) evidence. Some of these views correlate nicely with religious teachings, while others do not. A greater reality perspective indicates, with varying degrees of certainty, that you:


  • continue living after physical death.
  • do not really lose loved ones after their bodies end.
  • can enjoy a continuing, albeit different, relationship with those who have dropped their physical body.
  • encounter not just one, but many life experiences.
  • are one with the One and an integral part of Life Source.
  • receive assistance and guidance – synchronistic signs for example – from sources described as angels, guides, master teachers, higher energies, and the Light. 
  • create how heavenly or hellish your life feels, whether on earth or elsewhere, by your predominant thoughts, words, and deeds.
  • are interconnected with other people, animals, nature and all of life.
  • have special purposes for experiencing being on this planet now.


None of the above is apparent when you rely on just your five senses. All of the above can assist having a more joyful, peaceful, and meaningful human experience.