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This page will share monthly updates on the SoulPhone R & D, Greater Reality Living groups, and other news.  


July 2018

1. The SoulPhone R & D continues to proceed wonderfully. Here's one example: t he data software originally required 30 minutes of focused analysis by Dr. Schwartz.  This was needed before he could determine whether a significant YES or NO answer registered with the SoulSwitch.         

He and a team of engineers now have developed software that allows this input in under one second!  It's not world-changing -- yet -- but it is essential for moving forward to receiving binary input from postmaterial persons.

Other BIG breakthroughs in the technology have occurred, but I cannot share them at this time. Patents, intellectual property, technological details must be protected.  

Suffice it to say that everything is coming along very nicely.  Based on recent results, expectations for a fully functioning SoulSwitch in the next few months continue to be very high -- in the 99% range.

2. Preparation for launching Greater Reality Living Community Groups is moving forward. Our facilitator managers are preparing to evaluate local group facilitators from around the world.  But first, the new website needs to be completed.

(Part of the delay is that Business Catalyst, the original website host, is going out of business. We are working without customer support from them and looking ahead at converting to WordPress.) .

To learn more and possibly facilitate a group in your area, click on the blue link above and email us at