2020 will be an exciting year for sharing the current SoulPhone ‘spirit’ communication advances developed at the University of Arizona.

The SEED events and HOPE sessions will involve the first SoulPhone device – the SoulSwitch – that clearly shows:

  1. life continues after bodily death.
  2. at least some postmaterial (‘deceased’) persons can communicate with us on earth.


SEED Events: SoulPhone Education, Ethics, and Demonstration  events will provide education about and demonstration of the current SoulPhone device. We will also discuss the need for ethics and prudent safeguards of this unprecedented technology.

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HOPE Sessions: Have Opportunity for Postmaterial Experience sessions will provide individuals with the opportunity – we cannot guarantee a satisfactory experience – to:

  • have more certainty via the Personal Identification Test that a ‘departed’ loved one is alive and who he / she claims to be.
  • enjoy rudimentary communication via the Cognitive Understanding Test.

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